Welcome, sojourner, to the world of the Trafsman. In this world exists the city of Portown on the Southern blue continent in the Sea of Fellon. Portown is the continent's major northern seaport with a deep harbor, and since it lies right dab in the middle of the Black forest and Dwarf Mountains, there are three battalions of the king's troops stationed there. The city is attacked periodically from the forest and often by sea raiders against the ships using the docking facilities 10 miles away. The garrison supports four war ships that constantly patrol the northern and western sea lanes. There is at least one war ship in the harbor at all times. The most popular place in town is the Green Dragon Inn, an impressive place (expensive too). You can always find the inn, even from ten miles out at sea, due to the huge green dragon on top of the inn that glows bright green at night. There is a store to meet every need in this city (if not, there's always the shadier side of town). There's lots to discover in this world, and the greatest of all adventures, if you are clever and daring enough.

Let me describe the area you would normally see on a clear day. About mid-morning you would notice a crackling sound from the sky. Looking up you would see a large white ball of fire rising on the horizon with fiery arms stretching from north to south. The city streets will already be busy with DWP mining company personnel. By the afternoon the streets will be crowed with citizens and travelers from far away lands, and if any of the major merchant ships are docked, the noise would be deafening. The DWP mining company is the largest operation in this area. They manufacture a coal product that produces an oil 10 times better than normal. They also own most of the buildings in this 5 by 5 mile city. They are also the major shipper for the continent. Made up mostly of dwarves, they stay much to themselves. Most adventuring dwarves come from this company. Looking to the north, off in the distance and in the middle of the Black forest, is Whishmans Peak, one of the highest mountains around, about 10,000 feet. To the south, Dwarf Mountains, where DWP's mining operation is located. They own most of the range. The highest peak there is close to 8,000 feet. There are four roads out of town. The northern road is closed and requires a pass from the garrison, due to the continuous kobold attacks, which come normally through the northern gate. Although they are considered wimpy, they appear in bands of several hundred (which is very unusual for kobolds). The western road leads to the docks and has standard guard gates which carry most of the city traffic. The southern road is used mostly by DWP to move material and supplies. The road through the eastern gate, which has just recently been reopened, connects Portown to the rest of the kingdom. It transverses the edge of the forest that surrounds the Black forest and is considered a risky road at night. Most of the elves and halfling characters come from this forest.

As night time approaches, the night life appears: sailors on leave, DWP personnel, and getting into the Green Dragon Inn now becomes a formidable task, even for those staying there. Of course most beginning adventurers stay at the inexpensive inn directly across from the Green Dragon Inn.

Now for ADVENTURE...


Last updated: Mar 4, 2011