Wizard's Smoke and Mirrors

April 30, 2022

Well you've made it to this point.
The stairs you came down seem to have disappeared.

Before you are three doors.

The door on the left has a skull with an eye patch for a door knocker.

The middle door has a rotting corpse with a long dagger through the skull.
As hard as Ape tries he can not remove the dagger.

The door to the right is the most interesting. The whole area including the door seems to be burned by an intense fire. It looks like someone went at the door with an axe. Forming out of the middle of the door is some kind of beast. In it's jaws is someones rotting upper arm. The door knocker is the head of a dragon with a rotting lower arm and hand in it's jaws. The ground in front of the door appears to be covered in fresh blood. There is a trail of blood going under the door. It looks like something was dragged inside.

Choose one of the doors to begin your adventure.

Choose wisely...

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